Why would a guy never mention his girlfriend [10 Reasons ]

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Dating is often one of life’s great complications and mysteries.

Yet, some men don’t apparently think dating is complicated enough – given the number of guys who don’t talk about their girlfriends or wives in social or work setting solved in that their significant other is not inc – perhaps even if you consider that guy to be a good friend.

But why would a guy never mention his girlfriend? We’ve listed some of the many reasons below:

Reasons a guy would never mention his girlfriend

1. He wants others to think he’s single (especially you)

This may seem obvious to many women out there – but many guys don’t mention their girlfriend because they want you, and those around you, to think that they don’t have one.

Whether this is because this guy is interested in you, or wants you to be interested in him, or because he wants a chance with one of your female friends depends on the man.

Some men want to be seen as single so that they can flirt and cheat with other people, while some don’t want their relationship status to affect how others treat them.

2. He doesn’t take his relationship seriously.

A guy who isn’t serious about his relationship may not mention it. It might be that the relationship is casual, or that it’s new and he is afraid to share in case it ends before it’s begun. Maybe he isn’t sure about the relationship, or he is hesitant about fully committing to it.

3. He disrespects his girlfriend.

A man who doesn’t value or respect his girlfriend will often hide her away from those in his social circle. Perhaps it’s because he’s cheating on her, talking about her behind her back, or he will flirt with other girls.

These are all signs he doesn’t respect her, meaning he is more likely not to mention her, so others don’t know about her.

4. He wants to be seen as (or is) a player.

Guys who are players don’t want others to know that they have a girlfriend so that they can cheat and flirt.

If anyone knew he had a girlfriend, it would likely stop any potential cheating from happening.

This is also often true of guys who have previously been players, and although they may be in a happy relationship, they still flirt and act as if they are available when in certain social groups because they feel like they have to play a role.

If you think that a guy is a player, you should avoid him – if you find a partner who treats women with respect, then he will respect you – unlike a guy who behaves this way.

5. She embarrasses him.

Some guys might be embarrassed by their girlfriends for several reasons.

Whether he’s embarrassed by the way she acts, the way she looks, or if she’s from a lower social class than him, he will likely hide away and not want anyone to know about her.

Such a relationship is unhealthy and disrespectful – if you are in a situation like this, or like the one mentioned in point number 3, get out as fast as you can.

6. He wants to be mysterious.

If he wants to create a sense of mystery about himself, a guy might not tell you that he has a girlfriend. These guys who chase mystery are typically sneaky and though not always bad, are likely to not be entirely honest with you.

7. He’s close to ending the relationship.

If a man has already decided that he wants to end his relationship but hasn’t found the right moment to do so yet, not mentioning he has a girlfriend is perhaps more understandable.

He might want to leave his options open and move on quickly once he does end the relationship or not talk about his current relationship situation for many potentially difficult reasons, so chooses not to bring the topic up.

8. He’s very private.

Some people are very private and are difficult to get to know at first.

It’s only once they really become close to you that they open up to you about more personal things in their lives, such as if they have a partner.

Once you get closer, a guy like this will let you in and tell you things like this, as well as other facts you might not have known about him.

9. He doesn’t want you to talk to her.

He might not want you to talk to his girlfriend, so he may decide to not mention her to avoid this. Some people behave differently around their partners than they do their friends, especially those in specific or situational social circles.

This may be because he doesn’t want her to tell you certain things he might not want you to know, or vice versa.

This may not be for a malicious reason, simply that intersecting these two worlds is uncomfortable for him.

10. He doesn’t have a girlfriend.

The double bluff is tried and tested – and there are many reasons why a guy might use it. It might be because he wants certain people to think he does have one to appear a certain way.

After all, he thinks that you’ll be more interested if you think he’s not available, or maybe because he likes playing games with you.

Whichever reason, you should be as cautious of the guy who likes to play games as you are of the player or the guy who doesn’t talk about his girlfriend because he finds her embarrassing – if it doesn’t feel right, don’t trust him.

As we have discussed, there are many reasons why a guy might not ever mention his girlfriend.

Some of these reasons may be for negative or self-serving interests – such as because a guy wants to cheat or doesn’t value his girlfriend and treat her well.

On the other hand, some reasons are more straightforward, such as a guy not mentioning his girlfriend because he is private about his personal life, or because he is close to ending a relationship.

Whatever the reason, it is always advisable to approach the situation with caution and respect, though you should always remember that no guy is worth heartbreak or being mistreated, whoever he is.