Permanent Jewelry – [2022 Detailed Guide]

It’s the latest trend all over TikTok and the rest of social media, except that this trend is going to be more permanent than the ones that have gone before it. Why?

The trend we are talking about is permanent jewelry, and we’re uncovering the whole truth. What is permanent jewelry? Is it safe? Does getting permanent jewelry hurt?

There are so many questions that the idea of permanent jewelry raises, and so many misconceptions are being spread around.

So, with that in mind, we’re taking a deeper look into permanent jewelry, and the perks and risks associated with it. 

What is permanent jewelry?

Permanent jewelry is jewelry, typically bracelets, that do not have clasps to them. Rather the ends are welded together around the customer’s body part, eg, around your wrist.

How does permanent jewelry work?

Permanent jewelry works by a jeweler measuring the body part that your permanent jewelry item is to fit, such as your wrist, neck, ankle, or finger.

You then pick a design of your desired jewelry piece that you want, and the jeweler then measures and cuts your piece to size, before putting it around your body part and welding both ends together so that it fits seamlessly. 

Why do people get permanent jewelry?

People get permanent jewelry for several reasons – some because of the ease of not having to pick out new jewelry every day but still looking like they made an effort, some because they like the seamless look of the pieces, and some get matching permanent bracelets or necklaces with friends, family, or significant others as a means of symbolizing the bond that they have.

These are just a few of the reasons someone may opt for a permanent piece rather than regular clasp jewelry. 

Can you remove permanent jewelry?

Yes, you can remove permanent jewelry. While it is designed to be worn long-term, permanent jewelry pieces can be removed using a pair of specialist or extremely sharp scissors. As most permanent jewelry sold is made of solid gold, they do not trigger metal detectors or airport security but would have to be removed for something such as an MRI procedure.

Does permanent jewelry hurt?

No, permanent jewelry does not hurt – the jeweler is welding each end of the jewelry item together, rather than touching your skin at all. There may be a flash of bright light as the piece is welded together, but there is no contact with your skin.

The jewelry is not pierced or embedded into your skin in any way. It’s probably more painful to get a piercing done than to get some permanent jewelry. 

How much is it to get a permanent bracelet?

How much a permanent jewelry piece such as a bracelet might cost depends on several factors – mainly the type of bracelet chain you choose, whether you add any charms to your bracelet, and where you get your permanent bracelet done. For example, the popular New York jeweler Catbird sells permanent bracelets for between $98-$334 per bracelet. 

How long does permanent jewelry last?

As the name suggests, permanent jewelry is made to be durable enough to last a lifetime, thanks to the solid gold involved (which is also what typically increases the cost of the price tag). 

Is permanent jewelry safe?

Yes, permanent jewelry is safe – it is like always wearing a slightly roomy piece of jewelry that isn’t so loose that it can slip off a wrist, finger, or ankle. Solid gold as a material is natural and safe for your skin, and you can do all day-to-day tasks while wearing permanent jewelry, except for rare exceptional circumstances.

If pursuing permanent jewelry is of interest to you, then your jeweler will be able to give you a full outlining of the rare situations where you cannot have a permanent jewelry piece, such as when undergoing an MRI scan. 

What is permanently welded jewelry?

Permanently welded jewelry is merely another phrase used to refer to permanent jewelry – there is no difference between the two. Both phrases are two different ways of describing the same thing. Permanently welded jewelry highlights the fact that welding is the method used to provide a seamless permanent jewelry look. It is also sometimes referred to as permanent infinity jewelry, as there is no end to the chain,

What is permanent bracelet zapping?

Zapping is a term frequently used to refer to the welding together of the two ends of the bracelet or other permanent jewelry and is used to refer to the process online. This nickname is because as well as the bright light that the welding causes there is sometimes a ‘zapping’ sound to accompany it.

As the bracelets and other pieces are very narrow, the zap sound, bright light, and the whole welding process only last for a short time. Most appointments for permanent jewelry are typically only 15-20 minutes long.


In summary, of the trends that have come out of TikTok in recent years, permanent jewelry is far from being the most dangerous, unlike the name suggests.

Instead, it is a harmless and pretty (if expensive) fashion trend, that promotes the use of solid gold over cheaper materials used in so many clasped pieces. Despite the name and the terminology used to describe the process, permanent jewelry is a non-painful, non-damaging, and safe process, which does not necessarily mean the jewelry has to remain on for life.

While the jewelry is designed to endure, a snip with a very sharp and sturdy pair of scissors is all that is needed to remove it.

Removal only needs to be done if you tire of your jewelry or must undergo specific medical procedures such as MRI scans, though not to pass through airport security.

Whether they remain a permanent feature in the jewelry world is yet to be seen, but permanent jewelry has the potential and durability to outlast its current popular moment in more ways than one.