Is marula oil safe during pregnancy [Explained]

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Soon-to-be-moms must be careful about what they eat, drink, and apply to their skin. 

So lean in to learn if pregnant women can use marula oil. Is it safe to use while breastfeeding? And the various other benefits of using marula oil. 

Can a pregnant woman use marula oil?

Yes, pregnant women can use marula oil. Marula oil is extracted from the nuts of the marula tree. The oil contains high amounts of antioxidants, vitamin C, and E, amino acids, and fatty acids. 

During pregnancy, organic products are highly recommended for the safety of the mother and the baby, and organic marula oil is an ideal choice for improving skin elasticity, treating wrinkles, and reducing the appearance of stretch marks.


During pregnancy, as your baby grows, the dermis layer of the skin also breaks, resulting in red or purple stretch marks on the belly. As the pregnancy proceeds, the red or purple spots turns white or brown as collagen in the dermis rebuilds irregularly.

All the components of marula oil play an important role in reducing the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy by keeping the skin moisturized and hydrated. Organic marula oil does not contain any impurities or toxic ingredients and can be applied to the skin or taken orally if prescribed by your healthcare provider.

Is Marula oil safe for breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding women should avoid using marula oil. During and after pregnancy, the women’s bodies experience a lot of hormonal fluctuations. The oil might have a different reaction to certain hormone secretions, and it is not confirmed whether these effects can be transferred to infants. Therefore, breastfeeding women should avoid or at least consult their healthcare provider before using marula oil. 

Benefits of using Marula oil

Other than treating stretch marks, marula oil also has some other benefits. Some of them are as follows: 

Uses for skin 


The non-greasing and anti-inflammatory characteristics of marula oil make it the best hydrating oil for your skin. In addition, it does not clog skin pores or irritate your skin, so it is recommended to include it in your skincare routine when pregnant. 

Uses for hair 

You can also apply marula oil to your hair for damage protection. It strengthens the hair strands by protecting the scalp from harmful bacteria and inflammation. It also locks natural oils in the scalp and cleanses it without making it irritated or dry. 


The moderate use of marula oil is safe for pregnant women. But during pregnancy, we highly recommend consulting your doctor or midwife before taking any supplement or applying anything to your body.