How to Hide Muffin Top in a Bodycon Dress

Muffin top is a problem for many women as it limits the type of clothes we can wear, especially bodycon dresses. But we’ll put the frustrations away as we show you how to hide a muffin top in a bodycon dress so you can look and feel your best.

How to hide muffin top in a bodycon dress

It is annoying when those flabby little love handles get your way every time you dress up in your fave bodycon. But with the proper undergarments and some styling tricks, you will rock that bodycon dress (or any other dress) in no time. Here are a few tips:

Tip #1: Wear good shapewear

The first and most crucial step is investing in good-quality shapewear. It will help smooth out your lumps and bumps and make your dress look much nicer on you. Several types of shapewear are available on the market, so choose the one that suits you best. Also, make sure you’re comfortable as you don’t want to be fidgeting with your clothes all night.

Tip #2: Choose bodycon dresses with darker or slimming colors

You can hide the muffin top by choosing bodycon dresses in darker colors. Black or similar shades are always a good choice because of their slimming effect. If you want to go for something else, pick a dress in a color that is close to your skin tone. It will create an illusion of a longer and leaner silhouette.

Tip #3: Pick bodycon dresses with vertical stripes

Avoid dresses with horizontal seams or embellishments since they will only accentuate your muffin top. Instead, go for dresses with vertical lines or other patterns that elongate the body. It will make you look taller and leaner, which is what you want to go for.

Tip #4: Accessorize strategically

Another great way to hide your muffin top is to accessorize strategically. A bold statement necklace or a pendant can draw attention away from your love handles. Try wearing a scarf or a belt to cinch your waist and create a more defined silhouette. However, be careful not to overdo it, as you don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard.

Tip #5: Opt for an off-shoulder dress

Similar to wearing accessories, an off-shoulder dress will not just draw attention away from your muffin top but will highlight your face and neck instead. Plus, it’s a very flattering style that will make you look and feel fabulous.

Love your love handles

It is essential to learn to love your body just the way it is. Embrace your curves and flaunt them with confidence.

After all, there’s nothing sexier than a woman comfortable in her skin. However, the simple tips above will be able to hide your muffin top and help you boost your confidence.

Just remember to choose the right shapewear, pick dark or slimming colors, go for vertical stripes, accessorize strategically and opt for an off-shoulder dress. Rock that bodycon dress and see what others have to say!