Effects of cold water bath during pregnancy [Explained]

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As a pregnant woman, you are likely familiar with the conflicting messages surrounding cold water baths. Everyone has an opinion, from your midwife to your significant other! And while normal pregnancy shivers may be enough to scare away the most daring mom-to-be from dipping into a pool of cool or cold water, there could actually be several associated benefits!

In this blog post, we’ll look at the effects of cold water during pregnancy.

Effect of cold water bath during pregnancy

Cold baths during pregnancy can have many positive effects on the mother-to-be. Some of these are as follows:

Promotes better sleep

During the second and third trimesters, women often experience restless nights. Cold bath during pregnancy promotes mood boosters and helps you sleep better. They might also stimulate your immune system and decrease inflammation. [1]

Helps to deal with fatigue

Taking a cold water shower can improve blood circulation and reduce muscle aches and pains. Cold baths also help deal with fatigue and swelling of feet, which is a common problem with many pregnant women.

Helps to stay cool

During pregnancy, women feel hot flashes that can be worse in summer. And a cold water bath helps pregnant women stay cool and relieve stress.

Swimming in cold water while pregnant – Is it safe?

Swimming in cold water when you are pregnant is completely safe for you and your baby. There were some myths that swimming in cold water can cause infection in your developing baby, but that is not true. 

Some recent research has shown that exposure to cold water has no link with causing infection in your fetus. Experts now believe and suggest that pregnant women should take cold water baths and swim in cold water to enjoy certain benefits.

Is it safe to take a cold shower at night while pregnant?

Yes, you can take a cold shower at night while pregnant, as long as you take care of some important things.

Make sure the water is not too cold. Start with lukewarm water and then lower the temperature gradually. [2]
As cold water compresses your blood vessels, avoid standing for too long in one place. Changing positions or moving a little bit will help better blood circulation. [2]
Drink plenty of fluids after a cold bath or shower to prevent dehydration. [2]
Does cold water affect babies in the womb?
Cold water baths cannot affect the babies in the womb. The idea of hot showers in winter might sound appealing but cold water baths can be more refreshing. They don’t affect pregnant women or their growing fetuses. [3]


Taking a cold bath and shower in the morning or night is considered safe for pregnant women and their babies in the womb. You can also enjoy swimming in cold water after checking with your doctor.