Does breast reduction cause cancer [Explained]

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Breast reduction surgery is a cosmetic procedure performed to reduce the size and weight of large breasts. The procedure, also known as reduction mammoplasty, is sought after by people seeking to minimize the difficulties and discomfort that are felt with having large breasts. A common question from those seeking this surgery is – Does breast reduction cause cancer?

Does breast reduction cause cancer [Explained]

No, breast reduction surgery is not a cause of cancer. There is no scientific evidence proposing that this procedure is the cause of cancer. According to medical data from the Mayo Clinic, the risk of developing breast cancer increases with age and is related to a family history of breast cancer, exposure to radiation, obesity, and drinking alcohol. All of the listed causes are not related to breast reduction surgery and are separate from the operation itself.

Several studies within the medical community have shown that the procedure does not increase the risk of breast cancer. The medical procedure is safe and effective for those considering the surgery. The FDA has stated that there is no evidence to suggest that breast reduction surgery increases the risk of breast cancer. The team at Penn Medicine has communicated that breast reduction does not cause breast cancer, and it also does not decrease or increase the risk of developing cancer.

Is breast cancer common after a reduction?

Breast cancer is not common after a breast reduction procedure. Breast cancer can occur in anyone, regardless of whether they have had breast reduction surgery or not. There are known cases of breast cancer being located during or after a reduction procedure, but again, the reduction surgery was not the cause of cancer.

What are the long-term effects of breast reduction?

After a breast reduction, long-term effects may be positive or negative. Some negative effects include scarring at the surgery site, which is a normal part of the healing process in any surgery, and loss of sensation, which may be temporary or long-term. Positive effects include increased physical comfort and reduced back pain, which is a common issue with large breasts.

Can breast reduction surgery kill you?

While breast reduction is a safe procedure, there are always risks associated with any surgery. Infection, blood clots, and bleeding are complications associated with this surgery, while the procedure killing you is rare.

The death risk from breast reduction surgery is low and serious complications are nearly unheard of. Lab testing, a medical evaluation, and a mammogram are important steps to take before undergoing this surgery to ensure you are in the best health possible and avoid any complications.

In conclusion, breast reduction surgery is a safe and effective procedure that does not increase the risk of breast cancer. However, anyone who is contemplating having the procedure should talk to their doctor or healthcare provider about the benefits and potential risks of the procedure, so they may make an informed decision based on their needs and health history.