Can You Take Fenugreek While Pregnant [Explained]

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It’s always good to be cautious about what you consume during pregnancy because common foods can be highly dangerous to a growing fetus. So, in this article, we will cover if you can have Fenugreek while pregnant. Are Fenugreek Pills safe during pregnancy? And How much Fenugreek will Cause A Miscarriage?

Can You Take Fenugreek While Pregnant?

No, Fenugreek is not safe to consume while pregnant because the compounds found in this seed are linked to inducing labor, causing contractions, premature labor, miscarriage, and other pregnancy-related risks.

Any form of this herb is dangerous to consume while you’re pregnant, including the leaves, tea, seeds, and any supplement. Though there is debate about whether small amounts are safe, it’s best to avoid Fenugreek entirely while pregnant.

Don’t panic if you realize you’ve consumed some Fenugreek, as the amount that is used when cooking is negligible, and if you eat any Fenugreek accidentally, this is not likely to cause you or your baby any harm.

Are Fenugreek Pills Safe During Pregnancy?

No, Fenugreek pills and any supplements with this ingredient are not safe to consume while pregnant. Fetus defects in the babies born when exposed to this herb have been observed, and miscarriage and premature labor are directly associated with Fenugreek.
Based on the guidance from the NCCIH, Fenugreek is to be avoided in all forms during your entire pregnancy in any quantity.

How much Fenugreek is too much during pregnancy?

Any amount of Fenugreek regularly is highly dangerous and should be avoided entirely while you’re pregnant. Studies done in both mice and humans have shown detrimental health effects on the fetus – including birth defects, memory defects, and mobility and movement difficulty.

How much Fenugreek will cause a miscarriage?

In large amounts, any form of Fenugreek can cause a miscarriage. Because the amount that is classified as large is hard to determine, avoiding all types is the best recommendation for you while pregnant.

Is Fenugreek Safe While Trying To Conceive?

There are no definitive studies that show if Fenugreek is safe to consume while trying to conceive, and it is hard to measure if there will be effects on fertility when trying to get pregnant.

It’s always best to consult with your doctor to ensure the best protocol and to confirm contraceptives or fertility methods you’d like to explore.

Our Conclusion

Our assessment points to avoiding all forms of Fenugreek for the entire duration of your pregnancy and, most critically, during your 3rd trimester. Luckily, armed with knowledge, you can continue with your pregnancy, knowing the risks associated with this particular seed and herb while cutting out any sources that may contain this seed. It’s always best to be safe, we believe.