Can You Get a Breast Reduction While Pregnant [Explained]

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Breast reduction surgery is a personal choice that women can make at any stage. It helps to alleviate several issues that are caused by large breasts. As a woman’s body changes while pregnant, including her breasts, getting larger and heavier, the question arises, can you get a breast reduction while pregnant or breastfeeding? Our article will explore the answer to this question and discuss related topics to help you decide if breast reduction surgery is the best option for you.

Can you get a breast reduction while pregnant?

No, you cannot get a breast reduction while pregnant. Since this is elective surgery, meaning it will help you to have a better quality of life but is not a life-saving necessity. Undergoing surgery while pregnant is risky to the unborn child and the mother as well.

So women are often advised to wait until the baby is done breastfeeding before having a breast reduction done. Any type of elective surgery is not worth the risk when you are pregnant.

Pregnancy brings about numerous transformations in the body, one of which is the alteration of breast size, making it challenging for a surgeon to precisely predict the final size and shape of the breast post-surgery. That is why it is recommended to wait at least three months after the baby is done breastfeeding but preferably six months before you proceed with a breast reduction.

How soon after breast reduction can I get pregnant?

If you have not had your breast reduction surgery yet, you may want to consider postponing it until after the baby since pregnancy can alter the size and shape of your breasts.

If you have already had the surgery, it is best to consult with your doctor, but most recommend waiting six months to one year before getting pregnant. The waiting period allows the breasts time to heal, settle into their new shape, and for nerves to regenerate before hormones kick in and the breast goes through pregnancy changes. By taking this time, you can minimize the risk of complications and ensure that your breast reduction has had the desired outcome.

Can you get a breast reduction while breastfeeding?

It is important to note that breast reduction surgery while breastfeeding is not recommended. The surgery may result in pain and discomfort that could hinder the individual’s ability to properly care for their baby. The healing process can also have an impact on milk production and the functioning of the tissues, nerves, and milk ducts.

If the individual has not yet weaned their baby, undergoing a breast reduction surgery could potentially add extra challenges during this delicate time for both the individual and their child.

Risks and complications associated with breast reduction surgery

As with any surgery, breast reduction has its own set of risks and complications. This includes infections, scarring, changes in sensation, nerve damage, and even dissatisfaction with the final outcome. It is important to discuss all possible risks with your surgeon before surgery to fully understand the potential outcomes.


So to answer the question of if you can get a breast reduction while pregnant, we advise against it. It is not the ideal time to undergo the procedure. However, once your doctor gives you the green light after the breastfeeding period is done, you should be safe to proceed with the surgery.