Can You Eat Tortillas with Braces? [Explained]

People of all ages ask about their favorite Mexican food. Can you eat tortillas with braces?

Tortillas are local Tex-Mex cuisine and are typically eaten with fillings such as cheese, refried beans, meat, or vegetables.

Because of their soft and chewy texture, tortillas have become a comfort food and are easiest to prepare for a movie night or a party.

People with braces find it challenging to eat their favorite tortilla chips. Comfort food has become uncomfortable to eat. So, to confirm, let’s see what your dentist says.

Can I eat tortillas with braces?

The answer is no. You should avoid eating tortillas when wearing braces because of their chewy texture. Even if you’re careful, it can get stuck to the brackets of your braces, causing them to come off or the wires to loosen.

A tortilla stuck between your braces can, of course, cause gum irritation or other issues. So, enjoy your tortillas after your braces come off.

Alternatively, try looking for thinner tortillas or cut them into smaller pieces. You can also try a different type of chip, such as pita chips.

Eating the right foods with braces is very important to protect your teeth, gums, and your braces. If you have any questions about what kinds of food you should or shouldn’t be eating with braces, ask your orthodontist during your next visit!

How to clean your teeth with braces?

If there is no other way but to eat tortillas, you will have to thoroughly clean your teeth with braces. How?

  • First and foremost, rinse your mouth with water after eating your tortilla chips. This could easily remove any small bits of food that may be stuck in your braces.
  • Secondly, brush your teeth with a soft-bristled toothbrush in a circular pattern at least twice a day. Do not be afraid to brush a little longer than usual if you feel like there are still stubborn tortilla chips left. You have to make sure that your braces are clean and free of food particles but be gentle when brushing around your brackets and wires.
  • The third is to floss regularly. This could help remove plaque and bacteria that brushing alone can not reach.
  • Last but not least, visit your orthodontist for a routine cleaning and check-up to ensure that your braces are in good condition and that you’re on the right track to having that perfect smile!


Tortillas are a soft and chewy Mexican food that can be difficult to eat with braces. The chewy texture can cause the tortilla to get stuck in the brackets of your braces, which can then lead to gum irritation or other issues.

It is best to avoid eating tortillas altogether when you have braces. If you are craving tortillas, it’s crucial to clean your teeth and braces completely and visit your orthodontist for routine cleanings.

But as much as possible, try eating them before getting your braces on, or wait until after your braces are removed. In the meantime, enjoy other foods that won’t damage your braces!