Can You Eat Sprouts When Pregnant [Explained]

Verified by Edna Skopljak MD
Verified by Edna Skopljak MD

Edna Skopljak is a medical doctor and an editor at BJBMS medical journal. She graduated from the University of Sarajevo School of Science and Technology.

Not all vegetables are safe, and not all preparation methods are the same. When pregnant, even the most innocent vegetable, like sprouts, can seem harmless when in fact, they are not.

We’ve detailed why sprouts can be highly dangerous and how they can be safely consumed. Let’s dive into the facts and FAQs.

Can You Eat Sprouts When Pregnant?

When correctly prepared, sprouts can be safe to consume while pregnant. But when eaten raw and uncooked, sprouts can be quite dangerous.

It’s surprising to hear that vegetables like sprouts can’t simply be eaten. According to the FDA and other health authorities, sprouts are dangerous when not prepared correctly due to the contaminants present when the sprouts are growing.

This is why it’s essential to ensure all your sprouts are adequately cooked to kill off any germ and bacterial contamination.

Listeria, E.coli, salmonella, and other serious bacteria and parasites can be found on raw sprouts, which can’t be washed away with a water rinse. The damp conditions they grow in are the perfect condition for a range of dangerous contaminates to grow, and to prevent any severe risks, always ensure you eat cooked veg and sprouts.

This includes sprouts like alfalfa, clover, and radish – and always check your salads and other foods for uncooked sprouts.

Can I Eat Moong Sprouts During Pregnancy?

It’s safe to assume all types of sprouts, including moong sprouts, need to be served cooked and not eaten raw to prevent exposure to infection and bacterial contamination.

What Happens If You Eat Bean Sprouts While Pregnant?

When cooked, you can safely enjoy the sprouts’ nutritious benefits. As a high source of fiber, magnesium, vitamin C, and other nutrients, sprouts are a healthy addition to your diet while pregnant.

These tender, leafy sprouts are excellent sources of iron and folate too, which are proven to be highly beneficial to you during pregnancy. The nutrients found in the varieties of sprouts are essential for healthy immune systems too.

Can I Eat Microwaved Bean Sprouts When Pregnant?

It’s been proven that microwaves reach safe enough temperatures to kill dangerous and harmful bacteria such as E. coli. If you follow microwave standards, cooking your bean sprouts in the microwave before eating is considered safe.

Can You Eat Brussel Sprouts When Pregnant?

Brussel sprouts and other varieties are safe to eat during your pregnancy only if appropriately cooked because of the dangerous bacteria that can’t be washed off. However, if you don’t eat raw sprouts and other produce that needs to be cooked, it’s safe to say you can still enjoy the delightful varieties fresh produce offers.

In A Nutshell

It’s always best to be cautious about your diet while pregnant. But if your sprouts are steaming and correctly cooked, these leafy wonders can add amazing health benefits to your life and pregnancy.