Can you eat s’mores with braces? [Explained]

Once you have got braces put on, you start thinking about foods you can and cannot eat. This is a very good practice to keep in mind, as choosing foods wisely will determine how long it will take for your teeth to realign using braces.

Can you eat s’mores with braces?

Yes, you can eat s’mores with braces on, but we recommend cleaning your teeth and braces within 30 minutes. As you know s’mores are sticky and gooey and can easily get stuck between the brackets and wire in your braces.

Since they are soft in texture, they won’t cause your braces to misalign but cleaning them will be a bit difficult.

Here are some tips you can use to keep your teeth clean after eating s’mores with braces.

Tips to keep your braces clean after eating S’mores

The use of braces will lead to an attractive smile, and it is important to keep your braces and teeth clean during the entire treatment process so that you don’t end up damaging your teeth.

Since the wires of braces and brackets accumulate food particles around the exterior of the teeth, it makes it more difficult to clean. S’mores particles tend to get lodged in various parts of your mouth, increasing the chances of plaque accumulation.

Plaque has the potential to discolor teeth and damage tooth enamel. If you want your teeth to remain in excellent condition, follow the advice below advice.

• Make sure you use a gentle toothbrush. It would help if you regularly cleaned the section of your teeth above your brackets and below your gums. The toothbrush’s bristles must contact the gums to clean the enamel effectively.

Choose a toothbrush with gentle bristles so as not to irritate the gums and position the brush bristles so that they are angled toward the gums.This will help remove s’more particles stuck closer to your gums

• Brush your teeth after every meal. The brace wires capture food and s’more particles, and regular brushing can help prevent plaque buildup. We strongly suggest that you bring along a travel toothbrush.

If you do not have one accessible, you should rinse thoroughly for around 30 seconds. The exception to this rule is cleaning your teeth after consuming acidic meals.

Because brushing your teeth too soon after consuming acidic foods or beverages, such as oranges or sports drinks, might cause tooth enamel to become more sensitive, you need to wait 30 minutes and an hour.

• Avoid using too much toothpaste. The foam produced when toothpaste is used might make it even more challenging to notice plaque and s’more particles on the teeth.

When you first start cleaning your teeth, use just a moist toothbrush. It will make it easier to brush around the brackets and between the wires. Make use of a precise plucking motion rather than scrubbing the surface. After that, continue washing with the pea-sized toothpaste quantity you just added.

• Give yourself a two-minute-long tooth brushing. Give each section of your mouth (from upper right, lower right, upper left, and lower left) a full minute of your attention. It is essential to clean the inside and the outside of your teeth. Ensure brushing your teeth for the whole two minutes by setting a timer.

• Consider using a floss threader. When you have braces on your teeth, flossing can be one of the more challenging aspects of oral hygiene. If you attach floss to a threader, it will be much simpler for you to thread it through the wire.

• Use mouthwash before bed to keep your mouth clean. Look for a fluoride-containing mouthwash that has anti-cavity properties to help minimize tooth decay and preserve the enamel. If there is still s’more debris after rinsing for one minute, it will be easier to remove it. After you have finished rinsing, inspect your appearance in the mirror to make sure you have not missed any spot.


Having s’mores is acceptable when wearing braces, as long as you clean your braces and teeth afterward using the tips mentioned in this article.