Can You Eat Poppy Seed When Pregnant? [Explained]

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It can be quite stressful when you’re pregnant, trying to find the right foods to eat that are both safe and beneficial for your health. Poppy seeds are a favorite for many and are included in the most popular baked goods and dishes. 

Let’s dive into everything you need to know about whether it’s safe to eat it and other important information.

Can you eat poppy seeds when pregnant?

Yes, poppyseeds are safe to consume while pregnant if eaten in small amounts and not on a regular basis. It’s also important that they are properly washed and processed because the external layer of the poppyseed contains trace amounts of the drug morphine and opiates and is still used today as a source for modern pain medication and sedatives. 

The tea should not be consumed during pregnancy or breastfeeding because when the seeds are soaked in water, the chemicals can be released, making the concentration far higher than consuming them with food items.

The history of poppyseeds is rooted in opiate medications, and if you consume them in small amounts on an irregular basis, they are safe to consume and even provide benefits for your health.

Can you eat poppy seed chicken when pregnant?

Yes, poppy seeds can be eaten with chicken and other food items during your pregnancy. In addition, they are a common ingredient in baked goods, other dessert dishes, and savory foods. Poppy seeds are safe when eaten in smaller amounts and can provide health benefits.

Just avoid any dishes or teas where the poppy seeds are soaked in water or liquid, as that process releases notorious chemicals and is not advisable for pregnant women.

Can you have poppy seed muffins while pregnant?

Poppy seed muffins and other baked goods are safe to eat during your pregnancy, but you must still be careful of the amounts you eat and how regularly you consume poppy seed muffins, bagels, etc.

It’s hard for many to give up their sweet treats, and luckily if you’re measured with how often you eat poppy seed muffins, it’s a safe and tasty addition to your diet while pregnant.

Are there any benefits of eating poppy seeds during pregnancy?

Poppy seeds are jam packed with healthy vitamins and protein, and minerals, to name a few. This includes a good source of protein, magnesium, and dietary fiber. The health benefits during your pregnancy, if eaten in small amounts are wide and varied, with poppy seeds providing several different nutritional benefits.

Some of the benefits and nutrient boosts when eating poppy seeds during pregnancy include:

  • Protein boost
  • Great fiber source
  • Calcium source
  • Magnesium source
  • Zinc source
  • And more
Everything In Moderation

It sometimes feels like you’re restricted and can’t indulge in your favorite foods while pregnant, but the good news is you don’t have to sacrifice your poppy seed bagels and muffins – and if eaten in moderate amounts, you can actually benefit from the health boosts.