Can You Eat Pepperoni When Pregnant [Explained]

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Knowing where your food comes from and what is involved in the process is always good. We’re often surprised by even the most well-known food types – and pepperoni is one of them.

We’ve detailed all the facts about the safety of eating meats during pregnancy and if pepperoni is safe to keep on the menu.

Can You Eat Pepperoni When Pregnant?

Yes, if prepared correctly, pepperoni is safe to eat while pregnant. All meats and pepperoni you eat should be cooked and never eaten raw to prevent dangerous parasites and bacterial infections.

What about the pepperoni used on pizzas?

The pepperoni used on pizza is usually safe as the baking temperatures cook the meat thoroughly.

Some of the symptoms of eating contaminated pepperoni and other meats while pregnant include:

  • Fever
  • Vomiting and/or nausea
  • Diarrhea, though not common in pregnant women
  • Muscle ache
  • Headaches
  • Swollen glands

Pepperoni is a type of salami made up of pork and beef trimming most often mixed with spices and seasoning. Nitrates and nitrites are commonly used preservatives during the curing process which is why it is best to enjoy pepperoni in moderation, even when well-cooked,

As always, we suggest anything safe or good for you is best enjoyed in moderation while pregnant.

Can You Eat Pepperoni Sticks When Pregnant?

One of the prime reasons many suggest avoiding pepperoni sticks is the nitrates used to preserve pepperoni during the curing process.

So if you’re craving your pepperoni fix and are wondering if it’s safe to consume, we suggest sticking to pepperoni and ensuring it’s thoroughly cooked to prevent any dangerous contamination.

Can You Eat Cold Pepperoni When Pregnant?

It’s always best to cut out cold pepperoni and meats that are uncooked throughout your pregnancy due to the parasites and other contaminants that lurk in undercooked and cold meats.

The risk is not worth the quick satisfaction of cold pepperoni or salami. Microwaving your meat works just as well too, and the best way to serve it is – steaming hot.

Is It Safe To Eat Cold Meats During Pregnancy?

According to the NHS, cold meats like pepperoni and chorizo are not safe to eat when served cold or uncooked. Such meats host dangerous parasitic infections that can harm your baby’s development and health – you are especially vulnerable during your first trimester.

Common parasites you can contract from eating uncooked or cold pepperoni and other meats include listeriosis and more rarely, toxoplasmosis.

Our Conclusion

Whether as a pizza topping or bought from a local deli, your pepperoni should always be well-cooked and served as hot as possible. Avoid cold meats, and always ensure your pepperoni is fresh. Being cautious is the best practice while pregnant, especially when meat is involved.

The good news is that your diet can be balanced and relaxed if you’re careful and know about the food products you’re eating. And it doesn’t hurt to know more about the foods we eat regularly.