Can You Eat Meat With Braces? [Explained]

You just had your braces on and you’re starting to feel the pain of having something foreign in your mouth. The last thing you want to do is to eat because it may feel worse. But you have to! The question is, what should you eat?

Dentists recommend a soft diet because it is less likely to cause damage or pain. How about meat? Can you eat meat with braces?

Can you eat meat with braces?

Yes, you can eat meat with braces if we are talking about soft meat that has been cooked properly. This includes foods like:

  • Chicken breast (without the skin and bones)
  • Turkey
  • Ground beef
  • Veal
  • Whitefish

It is best, however, to avoid steaks and other hard meats like ribs and pork chops. The reason is that this type of meat is chewy and can damage the brackets or wires on your braces.

But if you want to risk it, you can try cutting it into small pieces or using a meat tenderizer. Cooking the steak until it is very soft might also work.

How to clean your teeth with braces?

Whether you eat meat with braces or not, you will still need to clean your teeth properly to avoid plaque buildup.

Plaque is a sticky film of bacteria that forms on your teeth and gums. If not removed, it can harden and turn into tartar which can only be treated by a dentist or dental hygienist.

To clean your teeth with braces, you will need to:

1. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush

As much as you’d like to remove any meat stuck in your teeth, using a toothbrush with hard bristles can damage your gums. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush with gentle bristles to avoid any irritation. It will also clean and reach around the brackets and wires of your braces.

2. Use fluoride toothpaste

Fluoride helps strengthen your tooth enamel and prevent cavities. Most toothpaste already contains fluoride but you can also ask your dentist if they recommend a specific brand for your needs.

3. Floss daily

You will need to floss at least once a day to remove plaque and meat particles stuck between your teeth and gums. You can use a floss threader or water flosser to get around the wires of your braces.

4. Brush at least twice a day

Brush your teeth after every meal or specifically when you consumed meat. But if that is not possible, you should at least brush your teeth in the morning and before bedtime. Doing this will remove plaque and bacteria accumulated in your mouth throughout the day.

5. Visit your dentist regularly

You will need to visit your dentist or orthodontist more often – about every 4 to 6 weeks – to ensure that your braces are intact and to check if you are cleaning your teeth the right way.


To conclude, you can eat meat with braces only if it is soft meat that has been cooked properly. Temporarily avoid hard meat like steak while you still have your braces on to prevent damage or further dental problems.

You will need to clean your teeth regularly to prevent plaque buildup and other dental problems, and do not forget to visit your dentist often.