Can You Eat Mangos with Braces? [Explained]

Getting braces can leave you with a lot of questions, like can I eat mangos with braces?

Let’s explore that question and find some answers.

Can I eat mangos with braces?

Yes, you can eat mangos with braces. However, it would be best to cut up the mango into smaller chunks so you are not using your front teeth to tear it into the fruit. This may cause the mango to become lodged into your braces. Smaller pieces don’t need to be bitten using your front teeth, only ground down with your back teeth.

You could also blend the mango up into a sauce or smoothie to enjoy if you find the fruit gets stuck in your braces a lot.

It is important to give your braces a good clean after eating fruit due to the sugar content of fruit. You don’t want leftover pieces left on your braces or your teeth. This could lead to cavities and other issues with your braces.

How to clean your teeth with braces

It is crucial to be highly vigilant when cleaning your teeth after you have gotten braces. Improper care can lead to many problems, like cavities, white spots, and prolonged treatment.

It would be ideal if you could carry a tooth cleaning kit with you so whenever you eat, you have everything you need to stop and clean your braces on you at all times.

This may seem extreme, but keeping your braces clean will lead to a beautiful smile that will last a lifetime and some excellent oral hygiene habits.

Taking care of your teeth after you get braces on isn’t much different than caring for your teeth before the braces. However, having braces does require more of a commitment to good oral hygiene to ensure your treatment plan is followed through properly.

Steps to take when cleaning your teeth with braces.

  1. Start with flossing your teeth and your braces. If you find that you have difficulty with regular string floss, you can purchase floss picks. They will make it easier to dislodge food from your braces and between your teeth.
  2. We all know that 2 mins are the recommended length of time to brush your teeth, and that doesn’t change with braces. Start at your gum line and make circular motions with your toothbrush as you move up the tooth. If you don’t already own an electric toothbrush, it would be a good time to buy one. An electric toothbrush does a much more superior job of cleaning your teeth than a manual brush. It would be ideal if you tried to brush after every meal, or at least two times a day.
  3. Gargle with a good mouthwash when you are done to ensure all the bacteria is killed, and you have fresh breath.


Being concerned about what you can eat after getting braces is valid. Some food like mangos is ok to eat. They may just need to be prepared differently than you are used to.