Can You Eat Kimchi While Pregnant? [Explained]

Verified by Edna Skopljak MD
Verified by Edna Skopljak MD

Edna Skopljak is a medical doctor and an editor at BJBMS medical journal. She graduated from the University of Sarajevo School of Science and Technology.

Many pregnant women looking for healthy and nutritious sources of probiotics and healthy natural supplements that will benefit the baby’s growth will ask if they can eat kimchi while pregnant. 

We’ve listed everything you need to know about kimchi and its effect on your pregnancy.

Can You Eat Kimchi While Pregnant?

Yes – When prepared correctly, kimchi is safe to eat during pregnancy. However, like other fermented foods, it’s essential to be cautious about where you get it from and how it’s stored and prepared, as kimchi can harbor harmful bacteria if done incorrectly. 

However, because of the health and safety standards retailers and restaurants must follow, kimchi is considered a safe option. We all know how cravings can hit us, and the sweet, spicy hit of kimchi can often be the only thing to satisfy you that day.

Is Fermented Food Safe During Pregnancy?

No, not all fermented food is safe to consume during pregnancy. Fermented eggs, meat, and other mold-related fermentation should be avoided, including raw cheese (cheese made from unpasteurized milk). 

This means it’s also best to avoid any fermented product made from unpasteurized milk. The harmful bacteria that can be found in those types of fermented foods should be removed from your diet during pregnancy.

Is Kimchi Pasteurized?

Kimchi is unpasteurized and is made up of raw fermented vegetables such as cabbage and radishes. Because kimchi is unpasteurized, and the vegetables are allowed to ferment raw, the health benefits of gut-boosting bacteria and other nutritional benefits make kimchi a fantastic natural supplement to consume during pregnancy.

It’s important, though, to ensure storage and preparation are done correctly in order to safely consume kimchi while pregnant.

Benefits Of Kimchi During Pregnancy

Kimchi is a rich source of probiotics, which is essential for the healthy development of your baby while also providing you with nutritional benefits that will further support your baby’s growth and health.

Your immune system will be boosted and directly benefit your baby while providing a delicate balance of healthy gut bacteria. Yeast infections are also common during pregnancy, and because of the probiotic benefits of kimchi, this can be drastically reduced.

There is a wide range of health benefits for kimchi, from protecting your heart and immune system to providing you with a wide range of vitamins and minerals, and this is why many suggest kimchi during pregnancy.

Is It Safe To Eat Bibimbap During Pregnancy?

Yes, bibimbap is safe to eat during pregnancy and is certainly a favorite go-to snack for those midnight cravings. However, it’s vital to ensure your meat is thoroughly cooked, as it’s not advised to eat pink, rare, or raw meat while pregnant.

That’s A Wrap!

After all is said and done, as long as the kimchi has been prepared correctly, it’s safe to eat when you’re pregnant. The beautiful taste and wide range of health benefits for your baby and yourself make kimchi high on the list of superfoods.