Can you eat kettle-cooked chips with braces? [Explained]

Once you put on braces, it is normal to start questioning what foods you can and cannot eat.

Eating the wrong foods will cause you discomfort in the short term and could also damage your braces, which will extend the time it will take them to align properly.

If you’ve ever asked yourself – Can I eat kettle-cooked chips with braces, then this article is for you.

Let’s dive in!

Can you eat kettle-cooked chips with braces?

No, you should avoid eating kettle-cooked chips with braces because they are hard and could damage the wire and brackets of your braces. It is also harder to clean and will leave your mouth with a bad odor in a few hours. The tips in the next section will help keep your braces, breath and teeth clean.

Tips to keep your braces and breath clean

Tip 1:

In reality, nobody takes the time to clean their teeth after every single meal. Even if dentists do not anticipate it, you must nevertheless take action following your meal to keep your teeth healthy.

Whether you have just had a fresh salad or your favorite food, gargle some water to eliminate any food particles lodged in your braces. There are also travel-sized mouthwashes available for use when you are away from home.

Tip 2:

One minute of extra brushing every day can have a significant impact.

The recommended duration for each brush is two minutes, but you should not be frightened to brush for three minutes. If you’ve mistakenly eaten kettle-cooked chips, brushing will help remove the leftover particles.

Tip 3:

As unpleasant as flossing may be, it is essential to keep your braces clean. It eliminates food particles, leftover kettle-cooked chips, and plaque that your toothbrush may miss.

Invest in a floss threader to facilitate navigating braces. It will assist you in placing the floss where you desire, and you already know how to manage the rest!

Tip 5:

Extremely sugary and acidic diets can cause tooth decay.

Acidic foods, such as vinegar & citrus fruits, can damage tooth enamel. Candies and potato chips might increase the likelihood of developing cavities.

You may experience discomfort and heightened sensitivity to particular foods when you have cavities. Take urgent action if you experience any of these symptoms.

Tip 5:

Even though braces are durable and powerful, it is still necessary to use a gentle brush while cleaning them. A bracket might be loosened by bristles that are too strong.

When brushing your teeth, avoid using excessive pressure. Too much tooth brushing can also be harmful to the teeth.

Tip 6:

Brushing the tongue is incredibly crucial for maintaining fresh breath. No one desires to go about their day with smelly breath.

It is also vital because it helps eliminate germs that might develop on the tongue’s surface. When wearing braces, it is essential to prevent bacteria from hiding in the metal.


Having kettle-cooked chips isn’t a good idea during your dental treatment. So please avoid eating them, and follow the tips mentioned above to keep your braces and breath clean.