Can You Eat Hot Dogs While Pregnant [Explained]

Verified by Kimberly Langdon M.D.
Verified by Kimberly Langdon M.D.

Kimberly Langdon is an obstetrician/gynecologist with 19 years of clinical experience and graduated from The Ohio State University, College of Medicine.

Sometimes, soon-to-be moms experience intense cravings.
But when pregnant, it is important to consider what is safe to eat for the developing baby, and so today, we’ll talk about one famous food – hot dogs. Most people consider this junk food, which is frowned upon. So, can you eat hot dogs while pregnant?

Hot dogs during pregnancy

Yes, you can definitely eat hotdogs while pregnant if it is cooked to an internal temperature of 165f/75c and served hot. Otherwise you run the risk of exposing yourself to listeria.

Listeriosis is an infection caused by bacteria found in hot dogs, unpasteurized dairy products, raw fruits, vegetables, and other processed meats. Listeriosis can lead to miscarriage, stillbirth, or premature delivery. When you’re pregnant, your immune system is weakened, and you are more susceptible to this disease.

If you are pregnant and craving hot dogs, make sure to cook them in a healthy way, either by grilling or frying. You can also add fresh vegetables to your hot dog instead of chips and other processed snacks. For example, you can top your hot dog with grilled onions, tomatoes, and peppers.

Can you eat microwaved hot dogs when pregnant?

As mentioned, it is essential that hot dogs must be thoroughly cooked before you consume them. Microwaving hot dogs is not recommended as it might not be able to cook the hot dogs evenly. But if there’s no other way, you must cook it on high heat for at least 1 minute and 30 seconds. Cut it in half and make sure there’s no pink meat inside and the juices run clear. Let the hot dog sit in the microwave for another minute before removing it to kill harmful bacteria totally.

Can you eat beef hot dogs while pregnant?

Yes, you can eat beef hot dogs while pregnant. But just like with all meat products, it is important to cook them properly until they are steaming hot throughout. Uncooked or undercooked beef hot dogs are also dangerous and may contain harmful bacteria such as Listeria, E. coli, and Salmonella. These bacteria are the primary cause of food poisoning, leading to serious illness or even death in pregnant women and their babies.


As long as you cook your hot dog properly, it is safe to eat during pregnancy. Avoiding undercooked or uncooked hot dogs is vital because they may contain harmful bacteria that can cause food poisoning. Add fresh vegetables to your hot dog for a healthy and delicious meal.

It is especially crucial to take care of your health during pregnancy; therefore, it’s always better to be certain. Don’t hesitate to ask your doctor if you have any doubts or concerns. They will be more than happy to help and give you the best advice on what or what not to have while pregnant.