Can you eat burrata when pregnant [OBGYN verified]

Verified by Kimberly Langdon M.D.
Verified by Kimberly Langdon M.D.

Kimberly Langdon is an obstetrician/gynecologist with 19 years of clinical experience and graduated from The Ohio State University, College of Medicine.

Of all the dietary advice you can receive while pregnant, following advice for different cheeses and dairy products can also be among the most difficult, not least because they are often foods that we come across more commonly than others on the pregnancy caution list.

While some cheeses are suitable to eat, some are not, and unpasteurized products should always be avoided. However, some cheeses are not safe – for example, can you eat burrata when pregnant?

Can you eat burrata when pregnant?

Yes, you can eat burrata while pregnant, providing that the cheese and the cream in the burrata have both been pasteurized. This is because burrata is a fresh cheese containing strands of mozzarella and cream that originates from Italy.

Unpasteurized dairy products such as cream and cheese should not be eaten during pregnancy. They contain bacteria that can cause food poisoning, harming mother and baby, who has not yet developed enough to be protected from such infections.

Is burrata made with Pasteurised milk?

In most places, burrata is made with pasteurized milk. However, while countries like the USA demand by law that all milk and dairy products are pasteurized, this is not the case everywhere.

For example, in Italy, where burrata comes from, there is no legal requirement that milk is pasteurized.

As a result, most burrata in Italy, and Europe in general, will be pasteurized, but not always, and pasteurization is especially unlikely if you are offered fresh burrata.

If in doubt, ask your waiter or salesperson whether the burrata is pasteurized before eating.

Is burrata Pasteurised UK?

In the UK, most burrata that you buy in major chain supermarkets is usually pasteurized. If you are buying from a deli shop or farmer’s market, it may not be pasteurized, so you should always ask before buying if the information is not displayed at the counter.

There is no legal requirement for it to always be sold pasteurized, as there is in the USA. Most burrata that you can find in restaurants may or may not be pasteurized either, as it is typically made fresh, especially in high-end restaurants.

Is Galbani Burrata pasteurised?

Yes, Galbani Burrata is pasteurised. This may be because it is sold packaged in supermarkets in large quantities rather than made fresh, so pasteurization also helps to aid the preservation process, allowing Galbani Burrata to stay fresh for longer.

Things to remember when buying burrata cheese when pregnant

Delicious and creamy burrata is one of the most appreciated cheeses out there.

However, unlike traditional hard cheese that can last at room temperature for weeks on end, burrata’s short lifespan requires extra precautions depending on where you are buying it from.

If you are lucky enough to find artisan or fresh burrata from a deli in your area, make sure they use packaging that prevents cross-contamination. Additionally, try and eat it within 48 hours of purchase for maximum enjoyment.

On the other hand, if you are getting a pre-made or store-bought version, always check the ‘use by’ date and consume before it expires for safety’s sake.

Either way, avoid ordering burrata online as it simply doesn’t travel well under ordinary conditions – as with any perishable food item – unless a specialist courier provides suitable cool/fridge-stable packaging.


Ultimately, you can eat burrata cheese while pregnant, so long as you make sure it is pasteurized. In the UK, burrata that you buy from the supermarket are usually pasteurized, in part to increase the longevity of the cheese.

However, burrata sold at a specialist deli shop or farmer’s market may not be pasteurized, as is the case for burrata sold in restaurants.

If you are unsure whether your burrata is pasteurized, check the packaging or ask an employee before purchasing.

If you want to be extra cautious, you can completely avoid eating burrata during your pregnancy, reducing your risk of food poisoning from unpasteurized dairy.