Can You Eat Bone Marrow While Pregnant? [Explained]

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Many pregnant women have become more aware of their food consumption and have started to question what they can and cannot eat while pregnant.

So let’s talk about a food that has been getting much attention lately – bone marrow.

Bone marrow can be both healthy and unsafe for pregnant women. It is a good source of nutrients crucial for the mother and the developing baby but contains high cholesterol and saturated fat, which are harmful if too much.

So, can you eat bone marrow while pregnant?

Can you eat bone marrow while pregnant?

Yes, it is safe to eat bone marrow while pregnant. Bone marrow is a good source of iron, protein, calcium, magnesium, and collagen, as well as vitamins A, B12, and K2. These are all important for both the mother and the developing baby.

Benefits of eating bone marrow

Let’s talk about two of the essential nutrients for pregnant women.

Iron is particularly important during pregnancy as it helps to make more blood that carries oxygen to your baby.

It also prevents iron deficiency anemia, a condition that can make you feel tired and weak.

In addition, it is found in high levels of bone marrow, making it an excellent food to eat during pregnancy.

Calcium is another essential nutrient during pregnancy.

It helps form your baby’s bones and teeth and is crucial for muscle function, nerve function, and blood clotting. In addition, bone marrow is a good source of calcium, so eating it during pregnancy can help ensure you meet your needs.

However, while bone marrow is a good source of nutrients, it is also high in cholesterol and saturated fat. These can be harmful if you overeat.

Therefore, limiting your consumption of bone marrow and eating them in moderation is necessary. You should only eat a small amount, once or twice a week.

Is bone marrow soup good for pregnancy?

Yes, bone marrow soup can also be good for pregnancy. Since the broth is cooked with the marrow, it contains all the nutrients of the meat. It is rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and collagen, making pregnant women glow.

Bone marrow soup is also a good source of glycine, an amino acid essential in the latter part of pregnancy. Glycine helps make up the collagen structure and is essential for wound healing. Additionally, it helps regulate blood sugar levels and has a calming effect, potentially helpful for pregnant women who experience anxiety or stress.

But just like the bone marrow intake, have the broth or the bone marrow soup in moderation.


Eating bone marrow while pregnant is safe and beneficial, as it is a good source of iron, protein, calcium, magnesium, collagen, and many other nutrients. The bone marrow and the bone marrow soup or broth can be part of your diet, but in moderation, since it is also high in cholesterol and saturated fat.

Ask your doctor if you are concerned about including bone marrow in your diet during pregnancy. What other food cravings do you have during pregnancy?