Can You Drink Frappes While Pregnant [Explained]

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Can you drink frappes while pregnant?

Yes, you can drink frappes and other caffeinated drinks during the course of your pregnancy. It is considered safe if consumed in small quantities. However, a large percentage of the population consumes caffeine and frappes on a regular basis during their week, and pregnant women would like to know if they can still indulge in their usual liquid sweet treat.

However, it’s important to note that you must stay within the minimum allocated portions suggested to prevent unwanted adverse side effects.

Many studies have been conducted, with 200mg of caffeine as an acceptable daily intake amount. 200mg would equal 1 – 2 cups of coffee/frappe daily. Experts and studies have suggested not exceeding 300mg a day or greater.

Pregnant women need to be aware of their coffee and caffeine intake because their body’s metabolism is slowed down during pregnancy, prolonging the fetus’s exposure to caffeine.

We all know caffeine as a stimulant and is used in many medications and pharmaceutical drugs, as well as naturally occurring in foods and other natural products – which makes it important to be aware of how much you consume on a daily basis during your pregnancy.

How much caffeine can you have while pregnant?

According to recent studies, you can have as much as 300mg of caffeine during the course of your day. This will include the caffeine that is sourced from other foods and beverages you consume. 300mg measures roughly 3 cups of coffee. However, as more time and understanding are invested in the study of caffeine, it’s safe to say that the least amount of coffee you drink while pregnant, the better.

Can I drink caramel frappe while pregnant?

Yes, pregnant women can drink a Caramel Frappe from take-outs and restaurants. The caffeine amount equals roughly 33mg of caffeine, which falls within the acceptable amount of caffeine consumption during pregnancy.

Can you drink a McDonald’s frappe while pregnant?

Yes, women can drink a Mcdonald’s caramel Frappe while pregnant. Because the caffeine is measured at 33mg for a Grande, you could likely consume more than one if your diet did not include caffeine from other sources that day.

What drinks are safe during pregnancy at Starbucks?

A variety of beverages available at Starbucks are safe to consume while pregnant.

We’ve listed the caffeine-free beverages that are safe to consume during your pregnancy, and include:

  • Mint Majesty tea
    Peach Tranquility tea
    White hot chocolate
    Steamed apple juice
    Iced Passion Tango tea and lemonades.
    Iced Guava Passion Fruit drink.

Our conclusion

It’s safe to say that as long as you’re careful about keeping track of the caffeine you consume during the day and that the amount you consume remains below 200mg to 300mg – you’re still able to enjoy your frappes while pregnant.