Can you drink Boost when pregnant [Explained]

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Can you drink Boost when pregnant?

Yes, you can drink Boost during pregnancy. Boost is not only safe, but its nourishing characteristics are also beneficial for pregnant women. This delicious drink is enriched with essential nutrients that help pregnant women to cope with common pregnancy challenges and maintain a healthy weight that is necessary for a wholesome pregnancy.

Only 1 to 2 servings of Boost can fulfill your daily protein need during pregnancy. It contains sufficient minerals such as folic acid, calcium, and iron. All these important elements promote a healthy pregnancy which is why doctors also recommend Boost for pregnant women.

The only concern about drinking Boost during pregnancy is its overconsumption which is associated with an increased blood sugar level. Boost original can contain 15 grams of sugar per serving. Consuming too much Boost increases the blood sugar level, which also increases the risk of gestational diabetes. To avoid any complications, it is recommended to drink it in a moderate amount.

Boost or Horlicks during pregnancy – which is better?

Boost is a good energy drink that doesn’t have any side effects on pregnant women, but it is not specially created for them. However, Horlicks Mother Plus is scientifically designed to meet the demands of pregnant and lactating women. You can have any of these drinks, but if you are looking for something that helps your pregnancy, you should go for Horlicks.

Can I drink Horlicks during pregnancy?

Yes, you can drink Horlicks throughout your pregnancy. Horlicks Mother’s Plus is specially produced by keeping the nutritional demands of pregnant women and breastfeeding moms in mind. This product includes 25 crucial nutrients that are scientifically proven to be healthy during pregnancy.

Furthermore, Horlicks Mother’s Plus is rich in micronutrients. These micronutrients are beneficial to promote the healthy birth weight of the baby. It also provides DHA and choline that support your baby’s brain development. Moreover, healthy calories from Horlicks help to boost your energy level during pregnancy.

Horlicks Mother’s Plus fulfills your daily need for proteins, vitamins (B2, B12, and C), iron, and folic acid. So, you can enjoy this delicious drink from the very first day of conceiving. If you have any health concerns, consult your doctor first to make sure it is suitable for you.

What drinks to avoid while pregnant?

Pregnancy can lead to dehydration; therefore, doctors suggest taking enough fluids to keep your body hydrated. When talking about liquids, water is the best of all drinks.

We know that you can find dozens of delicious alternatives in the market to stay hydrated. However, it is also important to know that not all drinks are suitable for pregnancy.

Following are some of the drinks that pregnant women should avoid drinking:


There is no safe level of alcohol for pregnant women. Therefore avoid drinking any alcoholic drinks during all three trimesters of pregnancy.

Unpasteurized juices and milk:

Drinking unpasteurized juices and milk during pregnancy increase the chances of developing bacterial diseases and infections.

Caffeinated drinks:

You don’t need to avoid caffeine entirely; instead, limit the amount you consume. Pregnant women should not take more than 200 mg of caffeine to prevent any complications.


Higher amounts of sodas should be avoided during pregnancy to prevent the risk of gestational diabetes.


Drinking Boost during pregnancy is safe as long as you are drinking in a moderate amount. It can vary from person to person based on their nutritional needs and diet. Horlicks Mother’s Plus is specially created to meet the daily nutritional value of mothers and is entirely safe to use.

You can consult your healthcare provider to know what your body needs and what you should include in your diet.