Can you become Amish if you have tattoos? [Explained]

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Joining the Amish community is often about more than just religion and spirituality to many Christians. Some are attracted to the analog way of life, and some to the community and people.

Transitioning can be difficult sometimes, however, and many who convert bring traces of their old lives with them. One of the most permanent traces of a previous non-Amish life is tattoos. Can you become Amish if you have tattoos?

Can you become Amish if you have tattoos?

Yes, you can become Amish if you have tattoos. However, there are some rules that you must follow. You must repent for having your tattoos, and if possible, they must be covered by clothing, if not completely removed.

If they are in a place where they cannot be covered, they must be removed. Thankfully, there are many methods to remove a tattoo these days with the development of many modern technologies.

Four ways to remove a permanent tattoo

Below we have included several ways that you can have your tattoos removed if you are looking to become Amish:

1. Plastic surgery is one of the most popular but pricey ways to remove a tattoo. The skin containing the tattoo is cut away and replaced by a graft sheet of skin that does not have tattoos.

The grafted skin may be taken from elsewhere on your body. The size of the tattoo determines the size of the procedure and, therefore, also determines the price.

Even though plastic surgery can be expensive, it may be cheaper than other tattoo removal options.

2. Laser treatment has been repeatedly proven to remove permanent tattoos and has increased in popularity over recent years because of this.

The laser works by breaking down the pigment of the tattoo and removing it. It is essential that you go to accredited, experienced professionals to have a laser treatment and that your treatment is safe.

The removal will also likely last longer if you have safe treatment with an experienced professional.

3. Removal cream is a good option if you wish to avoid the pain and the price of plastic surgery or laser treatment.

Safe chemical agents in these creams gradually remove each pigmented layer of skin, although these work best on smaller tattoos. Creams with hydroquinone in them tend to work best, and though they can cause some discomfort, they are a cheaper and more painless removal option.

4. Salt scrubs have also been known to remove permanent tattoos. Salt scrubs exfoliate the skin, which removes the tattoo ink.

Over-exfoliation can also damage and thin your skin, which can be a problem, as using a salt scrub to remove tattoos is slow, taking about a year before results are visible.


Ultimately, you can become Amish if you have tattoos, providing you repent for having tattoos, cover them up if possible, and have them permanently removed via one of the methods suggested above if you cannot cover them.

You may want to have your tattoos removed even if you can cover them so you can feel fully integrated into the Amish community, but having tattoos will not prevent you from becoming Amish.