Can I eat pizza while having braces? [2022]

If you or someone you know has just got braces, then it is natural to question what kind of foods are good to eat without damaging your braces.

Can I eat pizza while having braces?

Yes, you can get pizza while having braces as long as you cut it into smaller pieces and do not attempt the pull at the pizza with your teeth. If you attempt to bite off the pizza slice, you might end up hurting your teeth and damaging the alignment of your braces.

So we suggest you cut your pizza into smaller bite-sized pieces before chewing on it.

Can I eat pizza with a hard crust or thin crust while having braces?

No, you should avoid eating thin-crust or hard crust pizza with braces as it could damage your braces and have a negative impact on the alignment process.

If you’ve eaten pizza with braces, the steps below can help you clean your braces.

Taking care of your teeth is a crucial component of the orthodontic procedure. Plaque is more likely to accumulate on teeth with braces since the brackets and wires intrigue food particles and make it more difficult to clean teeth from the outer side. Plaque could indeed discolor teeth and degrade the enamel that protects them. Utilize the following guidelines to preserve a healthy pair of pearly whites:

I suggest using a soft toothbrush

It is suitable for cleaning the upper portion of your teeth among your brackets and gums. To wash the enamel well, the hairs of the toothbrush have to make contact with the gums. Choose a brush with gentler hairs so you do not hurt your gums, and tilt the brush toward your gums.

Regularly brush your teeth after every meal.

Food gets caught in the wires of braces, and plaque can form if you do not brush often enough. We suggest that you bring a travel toothbrush with you. Give it a 30-second wash with water if you do not have one. The only time you should not brush is after eating something acidic. After drinking or eating acidic food, like sports or an orange drink, you must wait 30-60 minutes before brushing your teeth.

Avoid using excessive toothpaste

Plaque and dirt might be harder to notice because of the foam formed by toothpaste. Brush your teeth only with a moist toothbrush to avoid damaging the brackets’ braces. Rather than scrubbing, use a picking motion to take up dirt and debris. Take out a little amount of toothpaste, and then clean your teeth.

Ensure brushing for two minutes at least

All four sections of your mouth (upper right, lower right, upper left, and lower left) should receive thirty seconds of attention. Clean both the outside and inside of the teeth. Ensure brushing for a duration of two minutes by setting a timer.

Utilize a Waterpik or floss-threader

Flossing can be hard to do when you have braces on your teeth. Threading floss into the wire will be extremely easy if you tie it to a threader. To remove additional plaque, use a saw-like motion. In addition, you should consider investing in a Waterpik water flosser. Using a water flow removes food particles and debris from between teeth.

Use a quality mouthwash every night

Choose a fluoride mouthwash with anti-cavity properties to help prevent the decaying of teeth and preserve tooth enamel. One minute of washing will result in the removal of any leftover dirt. After you wash, look in the mirror to ensure you did not miss any spots.