Can I Eat Gummy Vitamins with Braces? [Explained]

If you are wearing braces, you should not be negligent about what you eat every day. Your teeth are very sensitive during this time and you should make sure what you are eating is not harmful to your braces and teeth. In the case of gummy vitamins, you should ask yourself, “Can I eat gummy vitamins with braces?”

Gummy vitamins are chewable vitamins that are similar to gummy candies in flavor and texture. They are offered in various colors, shapes, and tastes. Children as well as adults who do not like to swallow pills prefer these popular vitamins. Let us see if you can eat gummy vitamins with braces.

Can I Eat Gummy Vitamins with Braces?

No, you should not eat gummy vitamins with braces. Similar to gummy candies, particles of gummy vitamins can easily get stuck to your teeth and braces. Bacteria that can make your teeth decay, consume these particles on your teeth.

As cleaning gummy vitamins left on teeth is harder, the risk of developing decay increases significantly when you are wearing braces.

If your children tend to eat many gummy vitamins, encourage them to brush their teeth thoroughly thereafter. Gummy vitamins can damage their braces, and cause plaque, decay, as well as bad breath.

Another essential thing to consider is that there is much sugar in chewable, delicious gummy vitamins. Sugar feed bacteria that can expedite tooth decay, and having braces when eating gummy vitamins can escalate the situation.

How to Clean Your Teeth with Braces

After you eat gummy vitamins with braces, you should thoroughly brush your teeth to cleanse them and prevent them from decaying and bad breath. To do so, there are several measures you should take. Follow these steps for maximum cleanness of your teeth after you eat gummy vitamins with braces:

  • Purchase a specific brush with soft bristles solely for the sake of brushing your teeth during the time you have braces.
  • After you eat gummy vitamins, use a little amount of toothpaste to brush your teeth and the space between your braces.
  • You can provide fluoride toothpaste for maximum durability of your teeth and minimum resulting sensitivity.
  • To remove all particles of gummy vitamins between your brackets, try to brush every corner of your teeth thoroughly. Do not forget to brush all spots.
  • Brush even your tongue and the top of your mouth.
  • You can additionally acquire a Proxabrush to have a higher efficiency than your regular brush.
  • Purchase and use a mouthwash to remove even the tiniest particles of gummy vitamins trapped between your teeth and braces.
  • Never forget to floss your teeth after brushing. This can make you completely sure that your teeth are well cleaned.


You should not eat everything when you have braces on your teeth, and gummy vitamins are among them. Gummy vitamins can get stuck between your teeth and braces, making it difficult to remove them thereafter. What’s even worse, gummy vitamins are full of sugar, which can expedite the performance of the bacteria that make the teeth decay. 

If you still like to eat gummy vitamins with your braces, do not forget to cleanse your teeth and braces thoroughly. To do so, purchase a soft brush, use a little amount of toothpaste, and brush your teeth well. You can use a Proxabrush as well as a mouthwash, and floss afterward for maximum cleanness.