Can I Eat French Fries with Braces? [Explained]

If you have recently gotten braces or are soon to get braces on your teeth, you may be wondering can I eat French fries with braces?

Learning what you can eat with braces is crucial for your braces to be successful. Eating the wrong foods or not cleaning your braces properly may lead to prolonged treatment and extra costs associated with repairing the braces.

Can I eat French fries with braces?

Yes, you can eat fries with braces because they will not likely get stuck in your braces or damage your teeth. You will want to opt for softer fries versus crispy fries to reduce any risk of damage to your braces.

The temperature of your French fries should also be something of which you are cautious. Food that is too hot can damage your braces, making extra visits to the orthodontist and possibly prolonged treatment.

It is important that you thoroughly floss and brush your teeth after eating, especially if the French fries are on the salty side. Salt can be damaging to braces, so giving them a good clean after eating French fries will ensure your braces do not become damaged and you have a successful treatment experience.

How to clean your teeth with braces

Having braces on your teeth requires you to be more vigilant with keeping your teeth clean.

Cleaning your teeth after every meal is ideal. You can carry your supplies with you so you can brush when you are done eating. If that is not possible, brushing twice a day will be ok.

Preferably in the morning and again in the evening are good times to clean your teeth and braces. Investing in a high-quality electric toothbrush is a good idea.

Tips to clean your teeth with braces

  1. Start by flossing between your teeth and around your braces. You want to dislodge any food particles before brushing. If there are a lot, you can do a quick rinse with water to get them out of your mouth before brushing.
  2. When brushing your teeth start at the gum line where plaque tends to build up and work your way up the tooth. Your goal should be to brush your teeth for no less then 2 minutes to thoroughly clean them. You also need to clean your tongue as well to get rid of bacteria build-up.
  3. When you’re done brushing, give your mouth a rinse with good quality mouthwash. This will help kill bacteria in places you may not have been able to reach and freshen up your breath.

Cleaning your teeth with braces isn’t much different than cleaning your teeth without braces, but it does require a commitment on your part. Being thorough and consistent will save you a lot of time and money on your future dental bills.


Having braces can be confusing when it comes to what to eat. Learning about the foods that are ok to eat with braces will help keep you on track with the timeline of your treatment and give you a beautiful smile.