Can I eat candy corn with braces? [Explained]

No, we don’t recommend eating candy corn with braces because they tend to get lodged between your teeth and braces. In some cases, they can get stuck to one of the brackets and pull them off. 

Candy corn can also damage your braces and prevent your teeth from “settling” in the right place. So please avoid having candy corn when you have your braces on. 

Here are a few tips to keep your braces clean

Brush often – After every meal, we suggest brushing your teeth to dislodge any leftover food particles. 

Soft toothbrush – Cleaning your braces, brackets, and gums is very important to your overall dental hygiene. Use a toothbrush with soft bristles because you will be brushing your teeth more frequently.

Mild toothpaste – Since you will be brushing your teeth more frequently, we suggest using mild toothpaste to avoid irritating your gums. 

Floss – Use a floss threader at least twice a day to keep your braces and mouth clean. 

Use a mouthwash – Use a gentle mouthwash to remove any lingering smells. 

Brush your tongue – Don’t forget to brush your tongue as well, because it can remove odor-causing bacteria. 

Brush longer – Generally, people tend to brush for 2 minutes every time, we suggest adding an extra minute and brushing at an angle to dislodge any food around your braces.