Baby doesn’t bounce on legs [Reasons & Solutions]

Verified by Kimberly Langdon M.D.
Verified by Kimberly Langdon M.D.

Kimberly Langdon is an obstetrician/gynecologist with 19 years of clinical experience and graduated from The Ohio State University, College of Medicine.

Babies usually show a range of motor skills, such as rolling over, crawling, and kicking up with their feet.
They start bouncing on their legs in their fourth to fifth month. But there are times when some babies are not bouncing their legs during these months.

Below we will discuss the possible reasons and solutions.

Reasons why a baby doesn’t bounce on legs

1. Hypotonia

Hypotonia is a condition in which a baby’s muscles are abnormally soft and underdeveloped. Because of hypotonia or low muscle tone, some babies may be slow in mastering gross motor skills, which can cause an inability to bounce on their legs.

2. Delayed development

Another reason is that your baby is developing in a late manner. Usually, by four to five months of age, a baby should be able to bounce on their legs in a rhythmic way or at least try to move them. If they are not doing so, then they’ll do it in due course of time.

4. Ear infection or cold

An ear infection can cause your baby to be unable to keep their balance and composure while bouncing on their legs. Common colds or allergies could also cause this problem as they can make your baby too uncomfortable and distracted to concentrate on bouncing properly.

5. Fear of falling

Your baby may be scared to bounce on his/her legs because he/she is afraid of falling or hurting themselves.

Solutions for babies who don’t bounce on legs

1. Consult a professional

The best thing to do if you are worried about hypotonia and delayed development is to consult a professional. They will assess your baby and will give you the best advice on how to help your baby master the skill of bouncing their legs.

If the issue is due to hypotonia, then physical therapy can be a great solution. A physical therapist will work with your baby and help them learn how to bounce their legs correctly in a safe manner.

2. Talk and encourage

Talking and encouraging your baby during playtime can help boost their confidence. Try saying “up, up” while assisting them in bouncing.
Praise them when they do it by themselves. You can also use toys or objects that make sounds when they move them.

3. Practice bouncing

To help your baby get used to the idea of bouncing on his/her legs, put him/her in positions where their feet can touch the ground and encourage them to move. Practicing with them will help them learn how to do it.

4. Use a baby bouncer

Baby bouncers are helpful in helping your baby gain the strength and confidence needed for bouncing on their legs. It’s important to ensure that you use a safe, secure, and quality one made of sturdy material as per your baby’s weight capacity.


In conclusion, if your baby is not bouncing on their legs, there are many possible reasons.

It could be due to hypotonia, delayed development, or even fear of falling.

Consulting a professional and encouraging through positive reinforcement can help in mastering the skill of bouncing their legs safely.

Practicing with them and using a safe baby bouncer can also assist in developing this motor skill for babies at four to five months old. With patience and practice, you should see progress eventually!