Are cats attracted to breast milk? [Explained]

If you’ve ever breastfed or pumped your breast around a cat, you might have noticed your cat licking its lips, smelling the air carefully, and cautiously walking closer to you – which could bring up the thought – are cats attracted to breast milk?

Let’s find out!

Are cats attracted to breast milk?

Yes, cats are attracted to breast milk because of their keen sense of smell. It may not be because they are hungry but because they are generally curious about nature. While there is no scientific studies behind a cat’s intent – It is best to keep your breast milk away from your cat. Follow the tips mentioned in the next section for your safety.

Tips to protect your breast milk from your cat

Wear a bra

If you’re concerned about your cat biting or scratching at your nipple, then it is best to wear a bra to safeguard against your cat’s curiosity.

Clean your nipple

It is best to clean your nipple after feeding your little one or pumping your breasts. Most mothers do this – but sometimes if you forget, you might pique your cat’s curiosity.

Clean your breast pump

Once you are done using your breast pump, clean all its parts and safely store it away from the reach of your cat, preferably in a cupboard.


While there are no scientific studies on cats and human breast milk, their natural curiosity and interest will make them want to smell and sometimes try to taste your breast milk. It is best to stay clear of your cat, bra up and store breast milk safely away from your cat.