Amethyst Yoni Egg Benefits and Properties

The use of a Yoni Egg is such a personal experience, and deciding what type of crystal is right for you might seem daunting.

This article is going to show you the benefits of investing in an Amethyst Yoni Egg and why it might be the right crystal for you.

Amethyst Yoni Egg Properties

Amethyst Yoni Egg properties include emitting vibrations that stimulate the body to heal and are strongly linked to personal transformation and the divine connection.

Benefit 1: Mental Clarity

Amethyst is known for its ability to help people who suffer from anxiety and depression. If you have problems with mental fatigue or brain fog, regularly using an Amethyst Yoni Egg may help to clear your mind.

Benefit 2: Third Eye and Crown Chakra

Amethyst is associated to the Third Eye Chakra and the Crown Chakra, which is perfect for anyone who needs help making energy flow more smoothly through these two Chakras to help bring peace of mind, clarity, and calmness to themselves.

Benefit 3: Increase in Spiritual connections

Amethyst carries with it a high spiritual vibration and can help to create a strong connection to the Divine, Angels, Spirit Guides, and your higher self. Meditating with Amethyst will help open you up to receive wisdom, insights, and guidance from a much higher power.

Amethyst Yoni Egg Benefit

Amethyst Yoni Eggs’ benefits include several physical benefits from this stunning purple crystal. The therapeutic uses of Amethyst have a long history and are well documented. Here are a few benefits you will receive when using an Amethyst Yoni Egg.

Benefit 1: Hormones

Amethyst is known for assisting the body in boosting hormone production. If you are looking for a bit of help to balance your hormones, Amethyst might be the answer you are looking for.

Benefit 2: Calming

Amethyst is excellent when it comes to stimulating the sympathetic nervous system and the endocrine glands to help you achieve your maximum potential.

Benefit 3: Strengthen the immune system

With all the viruses circulating these days, anything that strengthens your immune system is an excellent addition to your daily practices. Amethyst is also known for its calming properties, and not being so stressed out is great for the immune system.

How to Use Amethyst Yoni Egg

You will want to start with cleaning your Yoni Egg with a natural cleaner and warm water. After you have dried the Yoni Egg, you can do a cleansing routine to clear away any negativity and recharge the vibrations within the Amethyst.

Start by squatting down into a comfortable position, take a deep breath, and slowly insert the Yoni Egg into your vagina. If you are a beginner, the larger-sized eggs are recommended, as well as the ones with a drilled tip, so that you can tie a thread around it for easy retrieval.

You can start by keeping the Yoni Egg inserted for about 10 or 15 minutes while sitting down or meditating. This will allow you to build up the vaginal muscles over time and eventually keep the Yoni Egg inserted for entire days while you go about your business.

 After a while, you might notice your libido has increased, you have tighter vaginal walls, reduced PMS symptoms, and an increase in natural lubrication.

Amethyst Chakras

Amethyst helps to activate the Crown Chakra and the Third Eye Chakra. Amethyst is a must-have for anyone embarking on a spiritual journey who wants to strengthen their intuition and psychic abilities as well as gain divine wisdom.

The Crown Chakra

Amethyst is associated with the Crown Chakra, which is located at the top of your head. This Chakra connects you to the spiritual world and helps you to communicate with your higher self, as well as helps you to focus on healing.

If you are on a spiritual journey, then learning how to direct energy flow through your Crown Chakra is a must, and Amethyst can help you achieve this flow of energy.

The Third Eye Chakra

Amethyst can help to activate your Third Eye Chakra and help you to develop your intuition. Bringing your Third Eye Chakra into balance will help you tremendously on your spiritual journey and help you find the wisdom we all have within for personal growth.


There are so many reasons women use Yoni Eggs, and it’s important to understand the crystals from which they are made. If you are on a journey of enlightenment, investing in an Amethyst Yoni Egg will help elevate your spiritual journey, assist you with connecting to your higher self, and offer up many other benefits.

Thank you for taking some time to read this article about Amethyst Yoni eggs. I hope you feel confident now with your choice and understand why a Yoni Egg made from Amethyst might be right for you.